Using Extra Space to Attract Home Buyers

The home selling experience is often not a very pleasant one. It involves keeping the house spruced up for long periods, waiting for the offers to trickle in, and other tedious things.

You probably read about many home selling tips that can make the process of selling your home smoother. Here’s another tip that’s slightly different: Make use of extra space. This will in all probability make your home much more desirable to buyers. At the same time, you’ll find your house a lot more enjoyable to live in while you’re waiting for the sale to happen.

 Here’s how to do it

The first thing you have to do is identify a small area in your home that is lying useless, for example a windowless room, a basement, or an attic that is presently being used to store extra boxes, broken articles, or long forgotten toys. You have to transform it from an almost useless space to an area that offers high functionality.

A friend of mine managed to create magic this way. She had a small windowless room which was lying uselessly previously. The previous house owner used it to store her mops, cleaning supplies, and vacuum cleaner. When she moved in, the first thing my friend did was to transform this room into a library and reading room.

She painted the walls with a bright color, bought herself a comfortable armchair, a reading lamp, and a nice rug. Some tall bookshelves completed the effect. Suddenly she found she had a tranquil retreat and it became her favorite room!

Following are some cool ideas for converting that extra space in your home to an enjoyable area that home buyers will appreciate:

  • Yoga Studio or Gym: Get a nice mirror for the wall and add some  exercise equipment and weights. Add a small music system, and you’ll get a functional gym which you can use without paying membership fees.
  • Wine Cellar: If you have a cool, dark area at home which is the favorite hangout of spiders, turning it into a wine cellar might be a  good idea. If you put in some wine racks, adorn the walls with grape vines, and place a bistro table with some chairs, you’ll have some pleasantly surprised oenophillic home buyers.
  • Children’s Play Area: If you feel that your home has too many toys and too much noise, having a playroom in an extra space is a great idea. This will not only control the clutter but also attract buyers with children, grandchildren, and young visitors. By adding some storage bins, shelves,  and play mats, you can score some brownie points with buyers.
  • Hobby Studio: Creative buyers are sure to appreciate a room that’s truly dedicated to their hobbies, whether it’s writing, painting, recording music, or anything else.
  • Game or Media Room: Buyers who are table tennis champions or board game fanatics, movie buffs, or video game lovers- they will all appreciate a game or media room in your extra area. The inclusion of a popcorn maker and a mini fridge is sure to create a complete fun zone.

If you have some unused space in your house, you can put it to good use. Just follow these tips and you can raise its value in the real estate market. Speaking of value, you can find out the value of your home before and after your improvements for free. Neighborhood IQ offers you a home value report absolutely free!

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