Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed

Making in-person contact with consumers in order to get your brand noticed can be difficult and expensive. Yes, participating in trade shows or being present on billboards can drive sales. However, this medium has a limited reach and presents immense expenditure and management issues. A more effective way to do this is to optimize your website.

Brand NoticedOnline Existence

For online searches related to your niche of business, your brand should be regularly listed on leading search engines. Your website should be able to communicate with the visitor. The overall quality of your content and some degree of search engine optimization can help you. Search engine tactics might take a few hours each day, but they are well worth their time investment. Some companies also hire SEO experts that could provide the edge that they need for their online survival.

Unique Content

The maximum emphasis should be on creating unique content. Try to understand the kind of information your target audience prefers. Find out the most searched entities in your business niche. Create content that can immediately impress a casual visitor. This is the purest form of branding that can create actionable leads.

Don’t Forget Syndication & Being Social

Your sales prospects could be very different personalities. Some might prefer to sign-up for newsletters, some might like opinionated blogs, while others could be impressed with authoritative whitepapers. How can you engage the attention of all the prospects? The answer lies in creating a syndication platform. The content you distribute should be able to appease every type of probable customer. Your presence across several content syndication channels means branding gains too. It is critical to have buttons of different social media channels within your content. This is the most common form of information sharing and recommendation today. Social media popularity can translate into leads and brand royalty.

Once you have covered these basics of lead generation, you can proceed towards smaller but equally important goals, like keeping your lead generation form simple:

  • Restrict the number of data fields
  • Don’t make the form look too flashy or animated
  • Use minimum number of colors
  • Ensure there are call-to-action buttons
  • Offer the visitor something free—This can be a free invitation to an upcoming webinar or freebie like a small calendar

This is applicable to online and physically distributed forms. Rather than requesting people to fill the forms, use a medium that attracts them. This can be done by participating in industry or market surveys. Get associated with prominent regulatory organizations specific to your business. This is a sure shot way to gain credibility.

Audio Visual Resources Cannot Be Ignored

There is one segment where offline commerce can never compete with its online counterpart — free videos. The reach of this medium is established across the globe. Even if your industry niche doesn’t give you the advantage of creating exciting videos, invest in something entertaining. Just ensure that your brand name, phone number, or hyperlink is clearly visible. Popular videos can create leads and are a very impactful tool for branding. And in case your video goes viral, you’ll have leads pouring in.

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