Tips on Launching a Product Using Social Media

Are you ready to launch a product? Why not use social media channels to spread the word?

Social media has significantly changed the way brands market their products. As a platform that brings marketers and consumers together, social media has great potential to help launch products and services. It eliminates the need to spend loads of money to get coverage in the mainstream press. In fact, social media has made it possible for marketers – both small and big – to connect with their potential customers and create engagement with little money and nominal efforts.

If you are an online marketer, you probably already have a blog, a podcast or a video series. In that case it is also possible that you have a sizable fan following which you can leverage each time you launch a product.

Even if you are not a content creator, you will still have built relationships across various social channels. You can use all that popularity and influence to catapult your product launch to the next level.

Tip 1: Launch a teaser campaign

Your product is not yet ready for prime-time, but you can still create some hype around it by launching a teaser campaign on Facebook. It helps you build excitement!

Use some code-names for your product. It will intrigue people. If people suspect that you have something up your sleeve, they will want to know more.

When launching a teaser campaign don’t forget to experiment. Post status updates with and without photos. Share progress with images and don’t forget to make a reference to your ‘code-name’ in your updates. Don’t reveal too much information too early.

Tip 2: Post a personal video

Social media is a great platform to connect with potential customers. So if you are planning to launch your product, why not upload a video that explains the need you would like to address with the product. Before you start creating the video, you should have a script. Feel free to ‘star’ in your video. Shoot a bunch of video clips and then put them together with a software tool like iMovie.

Tip 3: Create an email list

Create an email list of people interested in receiving updates about the launch. This is your Founders’ list

Tip 4: Upload “Behind the Scenes” videos

Now that you have created an email list, you have to keep your subscribers interested with weekly video updates. You can perhaps send them a customized ‘behind the scene’ video about the launch.

Tip 5: Educate

If you run a blog or a podcast, create great tips about how to launch. You can use your own launch as an example. Don’t forget that most of your followers are marketers. So, if you can educate them how to launch a product, they will be more interested in it.

Tip 6: Plaster “coming soon messages all over your social channels

In the days prior to the launch, let your followers know that something really exciting is coming their way. Send emails to your subscribers and post updates on Facebook and Google Plus.

Tip 7: Get yourself interviewed

Get someone to interview you. You can publish the interview on your blog or podcast. That might sound weird but it can work wonders. You can help your host by providing some questions s/he can ask you. Allow the guest host to run the show. Choose an interviewer who can easily relate to the product.

Tip 8: Integrate the launch into your social platforms

Don’t forget to make a reference to the new product across your social media accounts.

Tip 9: Ask your followers to spread the Word

Ask your followers to spread the message. Make it easier for them by making your message sharable.


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