The Psychology of Real Estate Investment

Despite the hammering dealt by recessionary trends, real estate has continued to be a preferred investment zone for some investors. Buying preferences and home ownerships dynamics have witnessed many changes in the recent past. However, some individuals will always have a penchant for owning more than they need. Here, we would like to concentrate our […]

Find Out the Value of Your Home Using Comparable Sales

Finding the perfect price for your house is not easy. However, you can use comparable sales in your neighborhood to get a rough idea about the value of your home. Generally speaking, two homes that are on similar streets in the same neighborhood are comparable. Don’t forget that the value of a property tends to […]

Remodeling Keeping the Law in Mind

Before you consider remodeling your home, make sure to check out the local building ordinances that specify things that you are legally allowed to modify. Here are some things you need to consider before you get started: Zoning regulations These cover four basic issues related to building: height, density, use and bulk. The rules pertain to […]

Make Your House Work for You

A home is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. As with all investments, you hope to get the best possible returns. You can make your home work for you and make substantial money from it even while you’re living there yourself. Have a look at the following tips. I’m sure you’ll be […]