Eights Facts about House Appraisal Reports

  A house appraisal report is crucial for establishing the market value of a property. It tells the seller how much he can ask, and guides the buyer towards the right price of the property. It is nearly impossible for buyers to secure a mortgage withoutĀ a house appraisal report. Despite being such a crucial part […]

When Homeowners Insurance Doesnā€™t Protect You

Many homeowners insurance policies come with hidden, hard-to-understand clauses. The consumer may not even realize their existence until a claim arises. However, by staying informed and keeping all relevant records you will be able to protect your interests in most cases. A homeowners insurance policy will help pay for damages caused by hurricanes or fires. […]

8 Hurdles You Need to Overcome Before Purchasing a House

So the seller has accepted your offer and agreed to sell the house. But you still need to overcome many hurdles before the property becomes yours. In this article we will take a look at the common problems that buyers may experience during the escrow period. 1. Extensive damage is revealed during a termite inspection […]

Find Out the Value of Your Home Using Comparable Sales

Finding the perfect price for your house is not easy. However, you can use comparable sales in your neighborhood to get a rough idea about the value of your home. Generally speaking, two homes that are on similar streets in the same neighborhood are comparable. Don’t forget that the value of a property tends to […]

Keep Your Home Looking Young

Does your home look older than it actually is? Every homeowner would love for their home to look young and in good shape. According to a study, regular maintenance helps increase home value by about 1 per cent annually. Here are simple maintenance strategies to prevent your home from aging faster than it needs to: […]

Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Wiring?

You flipped the switch on and all appliances start working like theyā€™re supposed to. This is an indicator that all is well with the electrical wiring, right? This is not always the case. Upgrading your wiring can be expensive and messy, but sometimes it becomes necessary for protecting the value, safety, and convenience of your […]

Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

House hunting doesn’t look very appealing during the cold winter months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t sell your home during winter. Here are 9 ways to prepare your home for potential buyers during the cold winter months. 1. Light a fire Got a fireplace? Welcome your visitors by lighting a fire. It doesn’t […]

Creative Ways to Personalize Your Home

When people renovate their homes, many of them have resale in mind. Of course, during the property boom, a lot of us sold our homes for a profit. But when the property market crashed after the boom, people started worrying if they would make a sale at all. But now that property prices have more […]

Tips on Remodeling Your Kitchen | Top Tips You Should Follow

In any home, the kitchen is the hub of all activity and if it is well-designed, it can be a source of great pride. Needless to say, homeowners spend a lot of money on remodeling their kitchen. If properly implemented, a kitchen remodel will return much of its initial cost when the owner decides to […]

Remodeling Keeping the Law in Mind

Before you consider remodeling your home, make sure to check out the local building ordinances that specify things that you are legally allowed to modify. Here are someĀ things you need to consider before you get started: Zoning regulations These cover four basic issues related to building: height, density, use and bulk. The rules pertain to […]