Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

If you are like many homeowners, you may have wondered if you should refinance your existing home mortgage.  While refinancing can be one of the best decisions that some homeowners can make, for some, it may not be the best time. And there are many reasons why some should wait. Many people jump into refinancing […]

Cash-Out Or Cash-In: Which Refinance Should You Get?

Mortgage rates went up marginally during the last few months. Still, rates are low enough to consider refinancing. Rates may go up in the coming months, so if you are planning to refinance now is the time to submit your application. When you refinance, basically you have got three options. Most borrowers refinance for the […]

Easy Refinancing Steps | You should follow them

Refinancing can seem like a daunting process, especially if you’re not sure you sure do it in the first place! Under the right conditions, refinancing your home mortgage can be a great financial move depending on your goals. Not only can you get a lower interest rate, you can switch from a 30-year mortgage to […]

When to Refinance a Mortgage

Refinancing can cost between 3 – 6% of the total value of a loan. The best time to refinance a mortgage is when the savings are more than prepayment penalties, refinancing costs, and other expenses. 1. To transfer their loan to a lender that charges a lower rate of interest There is a traditional refinancing […]

Types of Refinance Mortgages

Refinancing can be tricky business for some homeowners. The most common mistake that most people who are looking to refinance make is failing to understand the refinancing process. Being educated about refinancing can really help you in the long run. Refinancing is an opportunity to take advantage of new, lower rates and save on mortgage […]

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Refinance

When you refinance a home loan, you change your existing lender and get a new one. In most cases, the existing lender would be charging a high rate of interest, and the new one would offer a lower rate. Refinancing has several financial advantages. It can save money, but there is no guarantee. You can […]