Staging Your Home for Sale

If you are selling your home, staging is a preparation strategy for your house that is designed to wow prospective buyers. Just like the stage that is set for Broadway productions, your home is a platform to showcase its talents and improvements.

Staging involves an emphasis of the best features of a house while drawing attention away from the worst. The internet places an even bigger emphasis on staging as many buyers shop online prior to ever actually seeing a house, so make sure you home looks attractive and inviting online too.

What is staging?

Simply put, staging is presenting your home in the best way to home buyers. The most effective way to ensure you get top-dollar for your home is by staging. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and isn’t difficult. To get an idea of successfully staged homes, visit other models that are decorated.

What does staging entail?

The goal is to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere that home buyers will simply love. Staging involves looking at your home objectively in order to create a neutral look.  You want to increase your home’s emotional appeal by treating it as if it is a model home.

Staging areas you can improve

  • Bathroom- Fresh towels, potpourri and new shower curtains can spruce up a bathroom. Be sure to remove all personal items like toothbrushes and prescription bottles from counters. And make the sink, tub and toilet spotless!
  • Kitchen- Make sure the kitchen doesn’t have stale food odors by refraining from cooking pungent foods throughout the marketing process. Kitchens have a big influence on the sale of a home, so make sure yours is spotless and neat.
  • Garage- De-clutter and de-personalize to make it neutral so that the prospective buyers can imagine the space for their own. The garage can be a big selling point for a house.

Little touches that make a big difference

Flowers- Vases full of fresh flowers throughout the home is a lovely way to make a great first impression. You don’t need to buy dozens of expensive roses; go for bouquets with peonies, daisies and other reasonably-priced seasonal flowers that will do wonders for a room.

Light- Bright homes automatically seem more cheery. The more light, the better. When it’s daytime, make use of natural light by opening all curtains and drapes. Make sure your windows are clean and turn on all the lamps. You want to make sure each room, stairway and hallway burst with light, making your home appear more spacious.

Staging should send a message that your home is bright, clean and cheerful. There are even professional home stagers who are experts in transforming your house into an attractive and utterly pleasant dwelling. Successful staging allows your house to say “You can relax and enjoy your life here. Buy me now!” You don’t have to spend a lot on staging your home for sale, but small amounts of money can make a big difference. And when you get that offer from an excited buyer, you can take pride in the fact that a great staging strategy really paid off.

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