How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

If you’re planning to sell your home, you need to get the right settings in place. This would involve staging and showcasing the better aspects of your house to make home buyers interested and help you get a good price.

Here are some tips to present your home in a good light:

Make space. Try to get rid of as much furniture as possible – put it away, give it away or sell it. Removing clutter makes a house look open and spacious. Always ensure that doorways and hallways are clear and open. Let there be space and light all around because buyers like spacious houses.

Clear all horizontal surfaces like bathrooms and kitchen countertops. Discard or put away old magazines and other unnecessary knick-knacks.

Remove odors. Your home should always smell good. There should be no noticeable odors like pet scent or the smell of stale cooking; there should especially be no cigarette smoke. Smokers are known to get so used to the smell that they don’t even notice it.

According to today’s experts, old methods of spreading fragrance such as air fresheners and scented candles are a big no-no. Odor problems need to be removed from the source and things like scrubbing the house and cleaning air vents can help.

Consider the buyer’s perspective. A buyer would probably want a house that’s ready to move in without the hassle of getting anything done. If your property needs rework like changing of wallpaper or carpet, do it. Also perform the baby test. Ask yourself whether you would feel comfortable having your own baby crawl around the house. If not, you might need to make some extra modifications.

Make your home classic. Even if there’s some 40 year old stuff lying around, your home mustn’t appear old – it should appear ageless and classic. There’s a considerable difference between a classic home and an old house. If you keep everything looking fresh and well-maintained and your home is in a good neighborhood, there’s no reason for buyers to complain.

Make your house stand apart. Try to give your home a look which is distinct from others in a positive way. When potential buyers see different houses with similar amenities and features in similar neighborhoods, small things like pretty yellow roses on your dining table can make a good impression.

Use neutral colors. Color of the house is very important. All home buyers may not have the same preferences. Since paint is a comparatively less expensive way to make a house look bright and clean, consider getting a fresh coat in neutral shades. Remember that though white may appear boring at times, it best reflects light and makes the rooms look large and spacious.

Use suitable decorations:  Harness the power of flowers. Flowers look pretty and give the home a nice, soft feeling. Almost all buyers will view your home in a better light if there are lots of flowers around. If you’re on a budget, you could opt for seasonal flowers growing in your yard, or maybe even decorative green plants.

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