Some Components of an Effective Marketing Campaign

Effective marketing is crucial to the success of any business model. But what does effective marketing involve? What are the key elements of a good marketing strategy? Let’s explore.


You probably already know why leads are important. A lead is a person interested in purchasing your product or service. If you have a large number of quality leads, you will not have much difficulty selling. You can build high quality leads with the help of both free and low cost services. Here is a quick overview of effective lead generation tools.

Social networks

Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are great sources of leads as they bring targeted customers to your business.

Your website

Your website is a great platform to promote your products and services.  Be sure to update your website with fresh and useful content including articles, videos and interviews. Your content should highlight the benefits of using your product. You should also consider offering a free product to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t forget that every person who visits your website is a potential lead.

If you have already established a great relationship with your customers by providing them with great content and solving their issues, they will readily recommend your products to their friends and family. And people are more likely to buy a product recommended by their friends or family.


The biggest asset of a business is the List. It is basically a database containing the names and contact information of your existing and potential customers. You can build your list in several different ways. Here are some of the most effective techniques.


An email newsletter is an indispensable part of all marketing campaigns. In fact, both small and large organizations can benefit from having an email list. Building your email list is relatively easy. You should have an opt-in form on your website where your visitors can leave their email address to join your list. You can encourage people to subscribe to this list by offering a free product. Once they become your subscribers, you can send promotional emails to them.

Article marketing

Article marketing is a cost effective way to reach targeted customers. Make sure that your articles are useful and well-written. Guest posting is equally effective. Encourage people to subscribe to your feed by incorporating an RSS feature to your website.

How to leverage your experience and relationships

You need to leverage your established relationships to grow your business. Don’t know how to leverage? Here’re some techniques you can employ.

Launch a collaborative venture

Do you know people who run businesses related to yours? If so, you should explore the possibility of launching a collaborative venture. A freelance writer, for example, can collaborate with an SEO or a web designer. A real estate agent can collaborate with a mortgage broker

You should also consider partnering with industry experts. What about interviewing experts in your field and creating a series of great videos and audios? Isn’t that a great idea?

Raising capital

If you need capital to grow your business, you should try and find investors who are interested in fueling your growth. Finding an investor can be difficult, but if you show enough perseverance, it is possible.

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