Social Media Marketing Tenets

By leveraging the power of social media marketing and content, you can elevate your customer base and audience dramatically. If you’re just getting started with your business, this guide will help in building brand buzz and boosting your bottom line.

Abiding by the following tenets will help you handle issues related to maximizing quality, increasing online entry points and more:

The Listening Tenet

If you want to succeed with content and social media marketing, you need to get used to listening more and talking less. Have a look at online content posted by your target audience and participate in discussions to know what they feel. This will help you generate content and fuel conversations that are value additions in their lives.

The Focus Tenet

Rather than being a jack-of-all-trades, it’s always better to specialize. Highly-focused content and social media marketing strategies with the intention of building strong brands are more likely to succeed as compared to broad strategies attempting to serve all people with everything.

The Influence Tenet

Find out the online influencers of your market and their audiences who might be interested in your business. Work towards connecting with them and building relationships. Once they begin to see you as a useful and authoritative source of information, they will probably share your content in their own circles. So your business gets a whole new audience.

The Compounding Tenet

If the content you publish is truly amazing and of great quality, your followers online will want to spread the word. They’re likely to post links to your content on their social networks and blogs. Discussions about your content open up additional entry points in keyword searches. As a result, there is greater potential for people to view you online.

The Value Tenet

You can’t spend too much time in direct promotion of your products on the Web, people will soon stop listening. Adding value to the conversation is important. Instead of focusing only on conversions, invest more in the creation of amazing content and the development of relationships with online influencers. Over a period of time, they can become powerful catalysts for the word-of-mouth marketing of your business.

The Accessibility Tenet

After you’ve published your content, you need to be available for your audience. This requires you to publish content consistently and actively take part in conversations. If you disappear for a while, fickle followers online won’t think twice before replacing you.

The Quality Tenet

Quality begets more quantity. If you have 500 meaningful online connections that share and discuss your content with others, you’re better off than having 5,000 meaningless connections that vanish after connecting once with you.

The Reciprocity Tenet

Life is about give and take and if you expect others to talk about you, you need to do the same for them. Make sure a part of your social media efforts focus on sharing content which is published by others.

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