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Lending Lead Apps, APIs and Widgets Create Data Fueled, Valid & Accurate Mortgage Leads Direct from Your Website

iLeads intelligent mortgage lead engines drive traffic to your website. Simple plug-and-play code enables higher quality mortgage leads in greater volume at a lower acquisition cost.

Value Exchanged Smart Internet Lead Generation

Smart internet lead generation is about providing value in return for the contact information your site requests from its visitors. With iLeads innovative web tools built into your website, you’ll have the perfect solution to winning more customers.

Home Loan Advisor

Find & Engage Homeowners Looking to Refinance

homeloan advisor
A Homeowner Lead and Engagement Magnet!
Home Loan Advisor

A Win for Homeowners and Lenders!

Consumers Benefit

  • Answers the key question: Should I refinance?
  • Provides a real-time loan qualification based on an analysis of their home
  • A free detailed home report including:
    • Banking level AVM valuation
    • Neighborhood sales info
    • Equity calculations and liens
    • Foreclosure info
    • Market trends
    • More!

Lenders Win

  • Short-form (six required fields) lead conversion performance with accurate near 1003 lead output. 
  • Outstanding lead conversion metrics that outperforms standard lead generation web forms & tactics

View Sample Home Loan Advisor Report


Revealing How Much A Consumers Home Is Worth
While Delivering A Fresh Mortgage Lead for You!


Where Home Values Turn Into Fresh Leads for Lender!

Consumers Benefit

  • Answers the key question: How much is my home worth?
  • Provides a  current property, equity, and neighborhood user-friendly report
  • Used by homeowners to
    • Refinance
    • Buy a home
    • Sell their home
    • Get Property tax help
    • Consider home improvement

Lenders Win

  • Gain an active new lead
  • Customizable in-app messaging to target consumers with the right message on 100’s of socioeconomic, property and mortgage data points based on what we know about their home. 
  • Outstanding lead conversion metrics that outperforms standard lead generation web forms & tactics

View Sample NeighborhhoodIQ Report

Designed to Deliver the Customers You Need
and Fit Your Brand


Choose the perfect fit solution for your lead generation, branding, and customer experience goals.

Private Label Web Site

iLeads creates and hosts you a private label version of HomeLoanAdvisor or NeighborhoodIQ tailored to your brand. Your business will benefits from our proven format for high conversion and consumer satisfaction.

Shared Partner Web Site

iLeads provides custom tags for driving traffic to a unique encrypted URL for your use. You drive the traffic, and we share in the leads and revenue.

Turn A Consumers Search for

Home Value and Refinance Info Into An Actionable Lead for You.

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Gain Intent Based Homeowner Leads

Mortgage Lead Apps & Widgets

Leverage powerful tools that provide homeowners with the insight they seek and the leads you need to grow your business.


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