Jason Cagle Joins the iLeads.com Team as Chief Operating Officer

Wednesday, February 12, 1997 — Newport Beach, CA

Drew Warmington announces today that Jason Cagle will join the iLeads.com team as COO

Almost a year to the day after iLeads.com was launched, Jason Cagle joins the team as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Cagle and Drew Warmington have collaborated together in the past, and they even grew up together. Now they plan on taking their business relationship to the next level by building iLeads.com into a successful and innovative entity as an Internet-only lead generation service provider.

I am pleased to welcome my colleague and friend Jason Cagle to the iLeads.com team,” Mr. Warmington said. “He brings his expertise in startups as well as his attention to detail. I look forward to a long and prosperous professional relationship with Jason as he joins our team.

Mr. Cagle has met and worked with some rather interesting people during his career. Not only has he collaborated with entrepreneur and marketer Alan Rypinski, but he also worked with financier Gary Winnick. Mr. Cagle brings his talent for finding new niches and his focus on innovation.

“I am beyond excited to join the iLeads.com team and help the company grow to the entity that Mr. Warmington and I envision,” said Mr. Cagle. “I see huge potential in iLeads.com and the service the company provides its clients.”

About iLeads.com

Since 1996 iLeads.com has been an innovator of online insurance lead generation. Serving well over [customer_count] clients since inception, iLeads.com continues to deliver a steady stream of convertible leads every month to our clients. Through its partnership with CoreLogic (www.corelogic.com), iLeads.com has been a leader in using data to enhance, analyze, score and verify the accuracy of the data contained within internet insurance leads.

Media Inquiries

Media Contact: Drew Warmington
Title: CEO and Managing Partner
Phone: 1-877-245-3237 ext. 113
Email: dwarmingtoni@ileads.com



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