High Conversion Web Platforms For Lending, Insurance, and Real Estate

If you thought that generating more of your own quality leads was impossible, iLeads.com has the answer. Our Intelligent Web Properties are designed to help our Lending, Insurance and Real Estate clients generate higher quality leads in greater volume at a lower acquisition cost.

Our site engines can be licensed to drive traffic to a partner site, or as an add on to your corporate site.

Intelligent Lead Gen by iLeads.com

A Better Way To Create YOUR Leads

  • Long form leads with 4 to 6 total consumer inputs!

    The highest data validity and accuracy on every lead!

  • Substantially lower CPA’s vs. traditional lead capture!

    Real value! 30%+ returning visitor traffic!

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Lead Gen Platforms

That Will Change Your Marketing Efforts



HomeLoanAdvisor is a first of it’s kind site that helps lenders generate high quality, low cost mortgage leads by analyzing a consumers home / collateral in real time.

HomeLoanAdvisor is truly a next generation lead generation platform for lending. With real lending analytics on every lead, you’ll fund more at a lower cost per funding.



In 3 seconds, NeighborhoodIQ generates an up to date property, equity and neighborhood report for consumers, and presents it in an easy to understand friendly format.

The NeighborhoodIQ platform represents the next generation consumer lead gen platform for the real estate and P&C insurance industries







Offering 'Real Value' For Customers

Change Your Metrics

Smart internet lead generation is about providing the customer AND the consumer value.

Traditional Internet lead generation typically focuses on maximizing traffic down the funnel, with actual value or consumer intent a distant after thought. Enter a better mousetrap.

Our sites offer real analytics in real time to both the consumer as well as our clients. Couple that with a free instant home report, and you have a value that keeps consumers engaged with your brand.

Whatever means that you use to drive consumers to your sites, our intelligent web properties consistently out perform standard lead generationweb forms through all types of traffic including search, social, email, direct mail, and television.

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Real 25%+ Closing Rates

If you run a sales organization, you know that some companies are highly effective converting leads, and some are not. What’s the difference?

Both the source of leads, coupled with the ability to close the ones that are winners before the competition!

99% of U.S Homeowners

All of our Intelligent Web Properties utilize our data resources which cover nearly the entire US residential homeowner population.

With data coverage like that available, you’ll never worry that we’ll miss, or not be able to give you the crucial guidance that enable more closings from every lead.

We’re far from just lead company

Offering our client’s unparalleled value and convenience for their customer acquisition strategies since 1996.

We’ll show you what 70,090+ past and current clients already know about iLeads.com…Success!

  • HomeLoanAdvisor

    Home Loan Advisor analyzes the borrower's home for lender guidelines in seconds, and captures near 1003 mortgage leads via short form

  • NeighborhoodIQ

    Neighborhood IQ offers free home value reports to people looking to buy, sell, or refinance. NIQ gives real value to our consumer visitors vs. traditional lead gen sites

  • HomeOwnersWiz

    Home Owner's Insurance quotes fast, free and simple. You will also receive a complimentary home value report, detailing market trends and a list of recently sold homes in your area

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