iLeads Launches LeadXL Performance Platform

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 — Newport Beach, CA announced today the launch of the LeadXL Performance platform to bring big data analysis to the residential mortgage market., a leading provider of Internet-generated consumer leads for the insurance and mortgage industries, announces today the launch of the LeadXL Performance platform. Lead XL LeadXL provides accurate, actionable information and analysis, resulting in increased conversion of leads from all sources.

Drew Warmington, CEO and founding partner of, said “While Big Data was once thought of as merely a marketing term, it’s now being embraced by researchers and companies such as IBM. Big Data offers new uses and insight that is profoundly advantageous to mortgage professionals.”

The LeadXL Perfomance platform is real data added to leads in real time and delivers competitive intelligence. Without Lead XL, mortgage and insurance professionals can receive incomplete or incorrect lead information, resulting in no close and a lost opportunity due to bad data. With LeadXL, they will know who to call as well as other information like equity, income, and liens. This will result in lending officers offering the right solutions.

“LeadXL allows lead buyers to achieve better sales results using their existing lead providers. LeadXL solves quality, conversion and business intelligence problems without expensive business changes” finished Mr. Warmington.


Since 1996 has been an innovator of online insurance lead-generation. Serving well over 44,000 clients since inception, continues to deliver a steady stream of convertible leads every month to our clients. Through its partnership with CoreLogic (, has been a leader in using data to enhance, analyze, score and verify the accuracy of the data contained within internet insurance leads.

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