® Introduces New HVCC (Home Value Code of Conduct) Compliant Solution for the Lending Industry

RealTAG allows lenders to pre-qualify valuation, equity, income, comparables, and more nationally with only a name and address.

April 26, 2009 —Newport Beach, CA.®, a leading provider of consumer leads and lead solutions products for the mortgage lending industry, has announced the introduction of RealTAG™.  Available for use in over 141 million properties across the United States RealTAG is the first HVCC compliant, real time, prospect qualification tool for the Lending industry.

 “With the new HVCC (Home Value Code of Conduct) going into effect May 1st, lenders will face substantial fines and penalties if they are found in violation of the new regulations”, says Drew Warmington, CEO and managing partner of®.  “HVCC specifically prevents direct contact between Lenders and Appraisers to eliminate potential coercion in regards to property valuations” added Warmington.  “Our RealTAG solution gives lenders a high end AVM solution, as well as a vast amount of additional property and sales data to instantly pre-qualify a prospect from the desktop”.

Requiring only a prospect’s name and street address, RealTAG™ delivers in five seconds an immense amount of information about a prospect for use in pre-qualification.  “RealTAG™ gives a Lender an exceptional HVCC compliant view of the valuation, equity, property and financial characteristics of a prospective client in real time,” says Warmington.

RealTAG™ answers:

  • Who is on title?
  • What was the last sale date and sale amount?
  • What is the estimated household level income?
  • What is the propensity to transact in the next 90 days?
  • What is the property value (via an HVCC compliant AVM solution)
  • What is the estimated equity in the property?
  • What are the current liens on the property?
  • What are the physical characteristics of the property?
  • Does the property have a Notice of Default or Foreclosure filed against it?
  • What foreclosures are active in the neighborhood?
  • What are the market sales trends within the neighborhood?
  • What are the most recent comparable sales in the neighborhood?
  • What does the property look like via a satellite view.

Additionally, RealTAG™ includes:

  • A light CRM application built in
  • An automated Competitive Market Analysis delivery system

 “What’s more, unlike other solutions that require consumer disclosure, RealTAG is built entirely on public data.  Having that backbone gives us the flexibility to allow lenders to use the program without fear of consumer privacy concerns,” Warmington stated.

“RealTAG gives lenders a HVCC compliant solution to prospect with today,” Warmington said.  “Add to that being able to accurately identify high value prospects on the fly, and we believe that RealTAGgives our lenders a huge sales advantage in this competitive and changing market.”

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