Tuesday, April 29, 2008 – Newport Beach, CA.

iLeads.com®, a leading provider of internet-generated consumer leads for the insurance and mortgage industries, has introduced a new form of mortgage leads designed to allow agents to more effectively understand and serve their customers.

Mortgage Plus Leads combine the purchase intent behind a standard internet lead, collected from one of more than 185 websites operated by iLeads.com, with the accuracy of First American CoreLogic’s title data to produce a more actionable mortgage lead. As the housing market continues to adjust with prices dropping across the nation, homeowner’s assumptions about their property value and equity become less accurate.

“Historically, mortgage leads have relied entirely on consumer accuracy, however, recent surveys indicate that over one-third of consumers don’t know their most basic mortgage details. Relying on consumers to fill in all the details leads to broker frustration, wasted time and inaccurate quotes,” says Drew Warmington, CEO and Managing Partner of iLeads.com. “By combining First American’s title data with our quality leads, brokers can see the true scenario and present homeowners with real solutions that meet their true needs.”

Mortgage Plus leads represent the next step in internet leads, moving beyond the consumer’s perspective to provide a more objective, complete, and accurate picture. Warmington continues, “By having accurate data, brokers can work in a changing market and find solutions to help owners and save time in the process. Nothing is more disappointing for a homeowner or a broker than when a deal falls through because the assumptions were wrong. Thanks to Mortgage Plus leads, that will happen less.”

About iLeads.com®
iLeads.com has been the leading innovator of online financial lead-generation since 1996. Through its network of 185 websites, iLeads.com has attracted, validated, and qualified more than five million leads for the mortgage and insurance industries. Thousands of industry professionals count on iLeads.com to deliver a steady stream of convertible leads every month. Since 2000, iLeads.com has been a partner of The First American Financial Corporation (NYSE: FAF). More information about iLeads.com can be found at www.iLeads.com

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