How to Motivate Your Sales Team

It’s a fact that a motivated sales team is a productive team. And a productive team means more sales and more money in everyone’s pocket! If you want to keep company sales flowing, you have to keep your team motivated. While a high compensation is great, it sometimes is not enough to deal with the competition and extremely picky clients. You can’t rely on haphazard solutions that fail to deliver results.

So how can you motivate your sales team? Here are some tips for keeping your team on the ball:

Encourage openness. When your sales team feels comfortable in an open environment, they will take more risks and think outside the box. Encourage an environment that allows your sales force to take risks.

Be a part of the team. What better way to lead by example then to make calls and drive sales right along with your sales team? Don’t simply stand around monitoring their actions. Instead, roll up your sleeves and get to work alongside your sales force.

Communicate. In order to assist your sales team and be a driving force, you must be able to communicate effectively with them. This will keep you in the loop regarding sales and any problems that need to be solved.

Make commission a driving force. Offering higher commission can be a big motivator for your sales team. This will encourage them to give you the results that you want.

Create a program so that everyone can win. Instead of offering incentives that will benefit the top sales leaders on your team, find ways to encourage the entire department.

Ask your team what they want. Learn what motivates them and try offering various bonuses like cash and quality prizes.

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