How to Find Home Improvement Ideas Using Pinterest

How to Find Home Improvement Ideas Using PinterestPinterest is a great website is known for its beautiful pictures that people willingly share online. But Pinterest is much more than a simple photo sharing application. In fact, it is a great tool for finding home improvement ideas. If you navigate the site properly, you can find plenty of remodel ideas and information on Pinterest.

Can’t find the right colors for your walls? Need DIY tips on fixing clogged drains? Pinterest is a treasure trove of interesting and informative images. It will show you how to undertake your remodeling projects.

Why use Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you to find great home improvement ideas by showing you how others are remodeling their homes. There is practically no limit to the number of pins you can come across when you search for ideas.

Found a pin that you like? You don’t have to stop there. Scroll down. You will have the option to see more boards featuring similar pins. If you scroll down further, you will also have the option of finding related pins.

Pinterest isn’t just another photo sharing website. Its applications extend far beyond that!

Pinterest basics

Pinterest is an online platform that allows users or ‘pinners’ to save and share photos. These photos are called pins.  You have to create a board when you save an image.  Boards allow you to organize your images by topic. If you are saving images of your home remodeling, you can pin all of your images to a board called home remodeling. You are free to choose whatever name you want. Just make sure that it is relevant to the images.

If you create collaboration boards, other people will be able to pin their images to your boards.

If you don’t want the general public to have access to your board, you should make it private. In this case, only you and the users you invite will have access to your board. You can follow the boards created by other users and then their images will appear in your home feed.

You can pin photos from other sites to your board, but in most cases you can find great images on Pinterest itself.

If you are looking for kitchen cabinets, try searching Pinterest using the brand’s name to find out how others are using those cabinets. Eliminate pins as you find better ideas. This is necessary to organize your board.

Search tips

While searching for pins, be as specific as possible. If you are looking for an outdoor furnace, search by the kind of the furnace you want, like gas-burning furnace.

You can filter the search results by Pins, Boards, or Pinners. If you select Pins, you will find images of gas-burning furnaces. If you select Boards, you will find boards carrying the name ‘gas-burning furnace’ in the title. And when you select Pinners, you will find boards created by brands or companies that have ‘gas-burning furnace’ in their name.

You can refine your search by changing the wording. If you are looking for instructions, you should try using the word ‘tutorial’ as well as the name of the topic in your search. You should also consider using the word ‘DIY’.


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