New FICO Score Suite to Launch This Summer

FICO is releasing a new version of their FICO score this summer, called the FICO Score Nine.  This new product is expected to address the concerns that lenders have regarding score variations that occur across the three credit bureaus. According to FICO, 90 percent of US lenders use the FICO Score when making credit decisions […]

How to Find Home Improvement Ideas Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a great website is known for its beautiful pictures that people willingly share online. But Pinterest is much more than a simple photo sharing application. In fact, it is a great tool for finding home improvement ideas. If you navigate the site properly, you can find plenty of remodel ideas and information on […]

Why Big Data Will Prevail Among Real Estate Businesses

Every business sphere, from healthcare to human resources management, is increasingly becoming data-conscious. There are some skeptics who aren’t sure about big data becoming a standard among real estate businesses. It is worth noting that data-driven business practices are emerging across the national economy. The realization is common—Companies acknowledge that smarter data handling capability is […]

What You Should Do Before Listing Your Commercial Property for Sale

Selling a commercial building isn’t much different than selling a home or condo. We have compiled a few things you need to do before listing your commercial property. By taking these simple steps you can sell the property quickly and profitably: What is a commercial property? A commercial property can be a plot of land, […]

Get Smarter and More Competitive with Big Data

Big data has different interpretations with the common thought being that a data driven business is more likely to survive and flourish. Your big data interpretation too isn’t flawed unless you equate more data as big data. You need to guard against this misconception—big data is all about acquiring more actionable data and not becoming […]