How to Effectively Work a Lead | Definitive Guide

Sales ProcessThere’s more to leads than generating them. Once you have generated (or purchased) the leads, the work is nearly just beginning. Now you have to work those leads and market them. Anyone can buy leads; it’s what you do with them afterwards that can set you apart from all of the other marketers.

Is lead marketing more important than lead generation?

Yes, in some ways. It’s true that the two are the yin and yang of a successful business. While successful marketing focuses on your desired lead pool, the question remains: What will you do with your leads once you hook them? And what can you do quickly before they lose interest and you lose your lead?

You need to put yourself in the prospective customer’s shoes. To them, you are like every other company out there that claims to have the products that they need. Why should they choose your company? Why should they give you their business when they have so many choices? Setting your company apart from the others that you are competing against can mean the difference between a successful entrepreneurship and one that fails.

Differentiate your company. Figure out what makes your company different from the rest and build on that. Creativity goes a long way in selling your company’s products, so keep an open mind in your marketing.

First impressions make all the difference in working a lead. During the first minute or sooner, a prospect can determine whether or not they want to do business with you. Make a good first impression with your potential client in order to hook them from the start, or risk losing them forever.

When a prospect makes contact with you through a form on your website, you should call them as soon as possible. Calling prospective clients is still regarded as one of the best ways to make contact with and establish a relationship with them. Call them within 48 hours of contact in order to establish your credibility and interest in them.

Ask potential clients questions. While you may want to tell them all about your exciting products and what they can do for them, the prospect doesn’t really want to hear your talk. So ask them questions; get to know them and what they are looking for. Be genuinely interested in them. This will help you to ultimately close more deals.

Remember, there’s a lot more to a lead than obtaining it. Turn leads into sales with an approach that is systematic yet personal!

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