How Effective Website Design Can Generate Leads

How Effective Website Design Can Generate LeadsEvery business needs a lead generation strategy, and perhaps one of the best ones is having a well-designed website. Websites are very important when it comes to marketing small and big businesses alike.Ā Not only will it increase your online visibility but it will also generate quality leads for you.

Here are some essential components of great website design that greatly assist in lead generation for your business:

Quality, Easy-to-Read Content

A good website designer will tell you that web content is the key to making your presence known online. Quality web design entails arranging content in such a way that it is not only easy to read but also in a manner that will stimulate viewers to read it and share the information. Instead of cramming info in and having crowded pages, design the site in such a way that it is neat and easy on the eyes.Ā Mobile content optimization is also key to generating quality leads.


Quality website design entails working on and constantly tweaking graphics of the site. Most, if not all, readers prefer a site that has several images and videos to one that does not have any. Videos and pictures break the monotony of written content. When designing a site, do not just use any images and videos. Instead, invest in high quality graphics which will keep your audience looking out for more. It makes more sense for readers to like and share content that is well-put together and visually attractive as opposed to that which is boring and jumbled up.

Search Engine OptimizationĀ 

Search engine optimization continues to play a huge role in website design and development. Search engine optimization entails using a set of phrases and words that are likely to be searched for by your target audience. The aim of optimizing content is so that it can be easy to find your site when searching for content online. What this means is that your content will appear higher on social media search engines such as Google and Bing.

Landing PagesĀ 

Landing pages are very useful for directing people and using them as leads. Landing pages act as the last point right before a visitor on your website gets to fill out a form and become a lead. The trick to generating leads using this method is by optimizing the pages and incorporating it in your website design. The design of your pages should complement that of the rest of the website. The other idea is to keep the design as simple as possible. The layout, for instance, should not have top navigation as this would distract the viewer.

Call to Action and Share Buttons

A website should have a call-to-action section in form of a button or a pop-up window. It can direct the prospect to a free offer, coupon or information. A good website design can also generate many leads if you have share options for visitors to your site.

With these tips, you can increase your online visibility and help your business reach its potential.

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