Revamping Your Business Website

Is your business website outdated? Does it need new content and functionality? When it comes to businesses both big and small, it’s of major importance to have a functional website that will support the core function of the company while taking care of the customers’ needs.

business websiteRevamping your business website is a very intricate but necessary task that must be done after careful considerations have been made. The website design is obviously important but the content and web copy is also what determines whether it will be useful to the customer.

Functionality rules

Remember that every part of your website needs to serve a particular purpose. A very fundamental question that every entrepreneur should ask him or herself when revamping a business website is “What do my customers need?” Every business move should be designed to increase revenue by making your services and products better than those of your competitors. That means that your website should enhance service by making it easier for potential customers to engage the company, find information and make orders if need be. It is what will set you ahead from your competitors.

Know your customer

Carry out some research about your customers and categorize them. What is the demographic that mostly uses your products or services? What language will appeal to them? Will they understand technical jargon or should you keep it simple? You also need to map out their locations so that you offer location-specific content. Find out the patterns of internet usage among your customers so that you identify the right time to engage with them.

Want your visitors to take action after visiting your website? Find an appropriate call to action that is clear and will also prompt them to follow through on the intention to make purchases. What is the basic lesson here? Knowing your customers will help you design a great website for them.

Utilize your team’s talents

Involve your team so that they also become part of the project. They can offer brilliant ideas to help drive sales and make the website better. This will also create a sense of ownership among employees.

Make use of social intelligence

Use social intelligence to find out the genuine feedback from customers and then use the information to generate important content. It can also be a way of keeping tabs on the competition and staying one step ahead of them. As you revamp your website, take note that social media is now a very important tool for both customers and businesses. Find a way of complimenting your website with social media networks.

Keep website ranking in mind

Search engines rank websites based on the usefulness of their contents. Use target key words and generate useful content in order to obtain a high ranking on search engines. There are Google tools that can help you achieve this and drive traffic to your revamped website. Remember, not everyone who goes online for services specifically searches for your site. It is your job to direct them there!

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