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Going through my list of questions that were asked at the NAR 2009 show, by far the most common was:  How can I use RealTAG to generate listing leads?  For anyone new reading this, when you enter any address in the U.S. RealTAG will tell you:

  1. How hot a lead is the prospect:  What’s their likelihood to want to buy / sell?
  2. How much is the home worth
  3. What is their income
  4. What equity (or lack thereof) do they have in the property
  5. What were the six most recent comp sales

In fact each RealTAG lead gives you more than 90 data points on your prospect in about 5 seconds.  So, the answer is it’s quite easy to generate listing leads with RealTAG right from your desktop.

You’ve got two choices to generate your new listing prospects right from your desktop:

  1. You don’t have a list of addresses within your farm area to work from? OR
  2. You do have a list of current leads, past clients or addresses within you farm area

1. Without a list of addresses in your farm area / leads to work from:
Let’s say that you want to start farming a new area.  Maybe you have a single prospect in the neighborhood, but want see who would be a good potential door to knock on.  Do you want to knock on 200 doors to find a good prospect, or 5?  With RealTAG, we can tell you with just one address who those good prospects are.

How do you do it?  Simple.  Each RealTAG report (lead) includes the latest 6 sales comps within a radius of 1 mile of the target property; (6 potential new leads).

  • 7 different property profiles per 1 look up X 100, (if you bought the 100 leads per month subscription)  = up to 700 new potential prospects to choose from each month.

Imagine knowing just a single address, and being able to generate up to 700 listing leads right from your desktop!

2. With a list of current leads, past clients or addresses within you farm area:
If prospecting for new clients is a good thing, then prospecting hot leads from among your own clients is a great thing!  Luckily using RealTAG to do your homework to find hot leads with existing clients is easy.

Let’s say that you want to find out quickly what each of your past 500 clients current financial situation is?  You’ve got a few choices.  Do a ton of homework (remember those college days in the stacks int he library), or use RealTAG’s new multi prospect upload tool.

Start by uploading a list of current clients or prospects (leads) to the RealTAG via our multi prospect entry system.  You can do it right from your desktop, and we only need a name and address.

You can run up to 1000 prospects through RealTAG at one time.  Once the process is complete all you have to do is go to the “My Prospects” menu to view all of your leads in their current situation.

Presto – You now have a list of all of your past clients with all of the homework done for you!

Remember with RealTAG we give you current

  • Property Value
  • Likelihood to want to buy / sell
  • Current income
  • Equity
  • Foreclosure status

Any questions?  Give me a call…I’d be happy to help!

Drew Warmington

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