Google Glass has generated a lot of interest in recent times. Since the announcement of the gadget, the hype surrounding it has got everyone from moguls of social media to app developers and tech geeks clamoring to get in-depth knowledge. This futuristic and revolutionary piece of tech is likely to have a huge impact on the way social media is used. Some say Google Glass is a reminder of old futuristic films and they are excitedly awaiting its release in anticipation of getting a somewhat Terminator style of vision. The idea is pretty cool.

It has been clearly specified by Google that this product will not host ads, a welcome relief for those who hate pop-ups which distract you from important tasks like driving. Many social media biggies are working on ways in which their services can be integrated into Google Glass. So maybe some time in the near future, you’ll have Facebook updates flashing across your line of vision. Whether or not you like the concept, this might very well be the next level of social networking.

How exactly is Google Glass going to impact social media?

First, let’s look at the face recognition concept that’s coming up on Facebook. It can spot your friends in pictures and tag them. Google’s image recognition feature is pretty advanced too, so Google Glass will possibly identify people on social networks by simply looking at their faces and simplify the networking process. As of now, Google Glass can identify shops, buildings and other attractions in the area as well as recommend them based on reviews from friends.

The location services feature offered by Google Glass is a noteworthy one. Google Maps and Glass are going to be integrated and a person’s location can be utilized for advertising and social purposes. So while you enjoy a meal at a great restaurant, you could post a tweet to recommend it to Google Glass wearers nearby. So you’re a stage ahead of Google reviews.

One of the primary abilities of Google Glass is live streaming of first person images and video. This has led to concerns regarding piracy and privacy such as filming an exhibition or a person without permission. This could however, lead to a substantial increase in the use of visual social channels such as Instagram, YouTube, and Vine.

In effect, you could participate with social experts in live sessions, get behind the scenes previews of events, let your family and friends have first-hand experiences of special occasions and upload hundreds of videos on the internet. This is great news for marketers and businesses since video and pictures often prove to be more effective at engaging followers and fans.

Whether Google Glass is revolutionary or invasive as far as social media is concerned is debatable. The same people who were against having a Facebook profile for reasons of privacy earlier have now started using the service. If there’s clarity in privacy statements, there appears to be no reason for not combining social media with the day-to-day lives of people.

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