Creating an Effective Call to Action Strategy

ICreating an Effective Call to Action Strategyn today’s business world, employing a decent marketing strategy is one of the most important issues that business owners must take seriously. More often than not, businesses miss a lot of opportunities by ignoring a highly engaging call to action (CTA) marketing strategy, which is known to persuade customers.

A call to action is defined as an image or content that drives the reader, or the customer for that matter, to click through or to take a closer look at the product being marketed. It is crucial to note that a call to action strategy is not just meant for sites alone, but should be embraced virtually by every type of content and business.

As a marketing strategy, calls to action can be easily overlooked or lost by a potential customer. This happens if the CTA is not effectively created or placed. A call to action should not only be created to sell a product to a potential customer, but should be created in an effective way to offer leads to the customer as well as engage and build trust between the customer and the product. Therefore, CTAs should be created to motivate a potential customer into a deeper engagement. Incorporating all these factors in a CTA strategy will potentially improve conversion and bring a lot of dollars in extra sales each month.

Here are some of the proven methods of creating an effective call to action strategy:

The call to action should be highly visible

A CTA should be placed in a perfect position that it is highly visible to the customers. It should be rightly adjacent to the customer’s focus, which in most cases, is on the right hand side of the page. This is due to the fact that viewers will naturally move their eyes to the right hand side of the page, especially when reading. Businesses can also decide to push the CTA into the content stream so that it stays with the readers when they scroll the page.

Keep it simple

Whether it is an image or an engaging speech, it is always advisable to keep the CTA simple and with direct to the point instructions. Keeping it simple will definitely ensure that a great number of viewers will call you or click through.

Use clear action words

Using clear and persuasive action words such as call, download, start and register among others will ensure that your call to action is a success. If it is a CTA based on an image, then there should be the presence of highly contrasted button that viewers can click and move to the product page or register.

Incorporate a sense of urgency

Adding a sense of urgency in the call to action will definitely persuade the readers to take action immediately instead of later. Is the offer expiring? Is the offer running out? Are the remaining chances limited? Such terms should offer guidelines to a successful CTA and probably increase conversion rates.

Benefits should exceed features

One of the most common mistakes that businesses commit in terms of CTA strategy is that they pride themselves in promoting their features instead of the benefits that they can achieve for the customers. The simplest mantra to a successful call to action should be based on the fact that what the business sells does not matter, but the benefits that the customer is able to achieve from the product.

The path to conversion

In most cases, businesses often follow the path of reading to conversion, whereby the customer is directed to register on the landing page and convert. No matter the path that you visualize your potential customers to take, your CTA should be designed in an effective manner that leads to more conversions.

Testing CTAs is crucial

Consider designing multiple versions of CTAs and test all of them to identify the one that drives the business successfully. Taking your time to design different versions of CTAs in terms of colors, images, sizes and verbiage is essential. When it comes to a call to action marketing strategy, it is vital to acknowledge that sometimes a simple sentence is perfect while other times an animated image may be the best.

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