Case Study: Valid Leads

valid leads

Client Requirement

  • A mortgage lender purchased 2 marketing lead lists from different vendors that were advertised as containing VA loans. Each list contained 5,000 leads and the total cost for both lists was roughly $20,000. The mortgage lender wanted data on how many of the leads he purchased were valid. Solution

  • used their data assets to verify how many of the leads on the 2 lists had VA loans. found that both lead lists were highly inaccurate with only 412 leads out of 10,000 having VA loans.

Client Results

  • The client quickly received a list of which leads had VA loans. He was very unhappy about the return on his spend, but appreciated the knowledge about which leads to work and which leads to discard. And, the client had great information to go back to the lead provider and for future negotiations with other lead providers.

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