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How to Generate B2B Leads on Facebook

How to Generate B2B Leads on FacebookThere was once a conference at which the differences between B2C and B2B marketing were being discussed. An intelligent person said that B2B is still very much P2P (person-to-person). It’s so true.

Many B2B marketers stress about how to behave on social media. They somehow feel that trying to sell to people working at companies adversely affects their interpersonal skills. That shouldn’t happen because there’s really isn’t too much difference. It’s best to conduct online and offline business in the same way we personally speak to each other.

If you think B2B is similar to P2P, it’s easier to be successful on social media. You can amass more fans and generate more leads on Facebook by focusing on people. A little care needs to be given to the type of content you create and share.

We’d like to share some tips on generating B2B leads on Facebook:

You need to plan a content strategy rather than a Facebook one

Create content like presentations, templates, e-books and blog posts which helps make the marketers’ job easier. This will be a rich resource cache for your social media manager which he can promote in different ways. Interesting posts and ads on Facebook are great tools for lead generation.

Only posting lead generation content doesn’t work

If you want to generate leads on Facebook, posting varied content is the key. Some content that addresses goals other than driving sales or generating leads is a must. It’s important to target goals such as engagement (shares, likes, and comments), reach and customer satisfaction along with sales and lead gen goals. They will help you achieve your ultimate objective – more business.

Use multiple posts to address engagement goals

Different engagement goals cannot always be addressed by a single post. Sometimes you might want feedback in the form of comments. At other times, you might want more shares to spread a message. Therefore, first focus on getting eyeballs and then on getting clicks. These will ultimately result in those delicious leads.

Be lavish with visuals

You cannot be sure about a post inciting the interaction you desire. But one thing is sure, you’re better off with a visual post as against a link or plain status update.

A recent experiment conducted over a 30-day period showed that click-through rates of posts with photos were 128 percent more than that of posts with links or videos. Facebook photos generate 53 percent more Likes than other posts. So whatever you want to communicate, try doing it visually.

Yes… you need to advertise too

People who “Like” your company already know you. But you can’t be sure they know your products or will be future customers. From the huge fan base, probably only a fraction actually needs your products or has the authority to buy them.

That’s why you need to use Facebook ads to reach appropriate marketers who are not yet linked to your page. While advertising, advertise your helpful content rather than your products. In effect, you need to “market your marketing” for best results.


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