Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads | Complete Guide

Using LinkedIn to Generate LeadsEven though 260 million LinkedIn users may seem a pale comparison to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter users, the importance of LinkedIn in generating leads to businesses can no longer be ignored. As a professional social media platform, using LinkedIn definitely makes sense to businesses for building relationships, which are essential in cultivating, initiating and generating leads. The challenge lies in that many people only use LinkedIn to grow their personal professional networks. However, it is high time that businesses both small and big explore LinkedIn lead generations and the benefits that would come from using these LinkedIn groups.

Below are some of the best ways to cultivate relationships through LinkedIn, and ultimately generate leads:

Aim to be Consistently Valuable and Visible via LinkedIn Answers

This is one of the most crucial yet under-utilized tools that can generate massive leads. LinkedIn answers section enables people to ask questions about your business and get advice regarding their questions. As the business owner and industry insider, you should have a lot of knowledge and helpful information on these questions. By answering in the best way possible, your business will not only remain visible to LinkedIn users, but also establish authority. With time, answering these questions will front to massive leads to your business, increasing sales.

Position Your Business as a Leader in the Industry

Positioning your business as a leader within the industry makes you become a “go-to” person by complete default. The trick here is to create a LinkedIn group whereby you become the moderator and control what happens within the group. However, joining several other LinkedIn groups that are not within your industry will also generate massive leads. The main idea behind joining groups that are not within your industry works well considering that you are not only stretching your reach, but will also be seen as the main player within that industry, which is generally good for your business.

Connect with Members of Your Group and Community

As with every other social media platform, communication becomes the essence of everything including creating business leads. When it comes to LinkedIn it is essential to always send messages to your group members both within your business’ group and your community. By doing so, you will build a rapport with different prospects. Connecting with members of your group and community is crucial in building up relationships. This can be done by visiting their profiles and sending them invites.

Run a Free Webinar, Create Polls and In-Depth Content

Assuming that you have established your business as a leader within your group and community, inviting prospect customers to your free webinars will be much easier. Having credibility within LinkedIn groups and communities will give your business a much desirable response rate when it comes to your webinars, but also towards common problems and issues that members face every day and struggle to manage. In-depth content, as well as polls within your LinkedIn groups and communities are also essential in generating massive leads.

There are new tools added to LinkedIn all the time, and business owners can always benefit from using this amazing platform to generate leads. Ensure that you position your business as a thought leader within your industry, connect to members, run free webinars, and create polls as well in-depth content, and your business will have massive leads.

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