5 Ways to Increase Your Team’s Motivation

motivationSuccessful small businesses and big companies have one thing in common (among many): their teams are motivated and productive. But what happens when people get unmotivated? Simply put, your business ultimately suffers.

Now that summer is here, it’s a lot easier for your employees to lose focus. Daydreaming at desks and feeling sluggishly uncreative is bound to happen from time to time, especially in the warmer weather. The same will probably occur in a ho-hum, lackluster work environment. So how can you keep your team motivated so that they are creative and excited? Here are five ways to increase your team’s motivation before your business is negatively affected by the office blues:

Give good feedback. Your employees need to feel valued and know that they are doing a good job. So, tell them! On the other hand, don’t paint everything as roses if their performance isn’t up to par. Make sure any negative feedback is constructively stated and leave options open for improvement in the future. Remember, if you have something good to say, say it! Your positive feedback will go a long way in motivating your team to do even better.

Make communication a priority. Just like any relationship, a manager needs to clearly communicate what they need and what they can give in return. It is a two-way street, after all. Employees who feel left in the dark about company news, promotions, and other pertinent information will not be so motivated as far as job performance goes. Share company goals and updates, and give employees updates about their performance. Have sales meetings and one-on-one meetings to achieve these goals.

Recognize employee achievements. Everyone wants to feel valued at their job, and managers have the power to show they care by recognizing good work. Not only can they show this monetarily, more importantly, they can give awards and promotions from within. If your employees feel valued, they will be more willing to work harder for the company.

Refrain from micromanaging. Your employees don’t want someone hanging over their shoulder and criticizing every move they make. Give them the confidence to handle tasks on their own by giving them clear goals to set. You hired them for a reason, so let them use their talents accordingly by not micromanaging.

Don’t make it all about work and no play. Sure, you have company financial goals to make; you want to build your brand to bring in more clients, etc. And your team can help you achieve these goals. But make sure to set aside time for fun activities like company outings and contests. Nothing is more motivating then having fun, and it will give employees time to recharge and get to know each other better. Employees who have fun together will create a lasting bond that carries on into the office, and what can be more motivating than that?

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