Work-From-Home Claims Examiner’s Injury Likely Compensable: Court

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Welcome to iLeads Insurance Market Minute, where we bring you the latest, most relevant news regarding the insurance market. Last week you were reading Reinsurance Market Sees Broad Range Of Price Hikes. This week we’re bringing you:Work-From-Home Claims Examiner’s Injury Likely Compensable: Court


Understanding this critical moment for the cyber risk & insurance market*

The cyber risk and insurance landscape is ever-evolving. In this episode, AXIS Insurance leaders Dan Trueman, Global Head of Cyber and Technology, and Max Perkins, Head of Strategy and Innovation for the Global Cyber and Technology Unit, will explore the biggest themes in cyber insurance today and give a nod to Cyber-security awareness month.

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Fairly Group launches COVID-19 coverage for student-athletes*

Texas-based Fairly Group and its sister company, OccuNet, have announced the launch of an insurance product that covers medical expenses for collegiate student-athletes who contract COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has taken a toll on every aspect of our lives, including our ability to play and enjoy sports,” said Alex Fairly, CEO of Fairly Group. “We wanted to support collegiate athletes who desire to get back on the field, as well as their parents and the courageous collegiate athletic departments attempting to move forward with fall sports.”

The policy was inspired by the viral #wewanttoplay campaign created by Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, Fairly Group said. It provides $250,000 in medical coverage for COVID-19 illnesses.

“When the NCAA mandated member schools are responsible for medical expenses related to COVID, we immediately began working on a solution,” said OccuNet president Caleb Fairly. “We hope this brings a level of confidence for students and parents who send their talented young men and women off to play college sports.”

The impetus for developing the product came when the Big Ten and Pac-12 initially postponed their fall 2020 football seasons, Fairly Group said.

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Aflac CEO on earnings, how the pandemic has impacted sales and more*

Global insurance company Aflac reported better-than-expected third-quarter earnings. Aflac CEO Dan Amos joins “Squawk Box” to discuss.



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Work-From-Home Claims Examiner’s Injury Likely Compensable: Court*

A New York appeals court on Thursday reversed a state board’s denial of a worker’s comp claim from a claims examiner who was injured while carrying boxes of yet-to-be-assembled office furniture that were delivered to his home for work use.

A workers compensation law judge and later the state Workers’ Compensation Board concluded that Christopher Capraro’s injuries were “not sufficiently work-related” to establish his comp claim, according to documents in In the Matter of the Claim of Christopher Capraro, Appellant, v. Matrix Absence Management et al., Workers’ Compensation Board, filed in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, Third Department, in Albany.

Citing several similar cases of workers who were injured while working from home, the appeals court called on the Board to determine whether Mr. Capraro, “when moving the boxes, was engaged in a ‘purely personal’ activity that was not ‘reasonable and sufficiently work-related under the circumstances.’”

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