All homes that are up for sale and listed by a real estate agent usually feature in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) unless specifically exempted.

You want to sell your home and are looking for an experienced realtor for assistance. Of course, you’d want to work with a person who has as much interest in the sale as you do. You naturally want the realtor to love your house, showcase its brighter side, speak highly about it, and make potential buyers fall in love with it. Your home is important and there are hordes of memories associated with it.

If your thought process is as above, you know that all realtors aren’t the same. There’s more to an agent than simply putting your home in the MLS, waiting for offers and guiding you with paperwork.

There are many realtors who will claim that their services are exceptional and that they’re putting out ads for you all over, and will get you a fantastic price. But can you rely upon them?

Insist on seeing an MLS Portfolio

Everyone can speak about the great things they can do, but you need solid proof. We strongly recommend that you have a good look at actual MLS listings of realtors.


These are probably the most important component of your home listing. Prospective buyers sitting with their computers or smart phones are looking at many pictures of houses. Within seconds of viewing a few pictures, they make a decision whether or not they like a home.

In spite of this, a large proportion of MLS listings do not contain stellar pictures.

Pictures must not show:

  • Cluttered or dirty kitchens
  • Untidy bedrooms
  • Bad lighting effects such as too bright, too dark, or flashes bouncing off windows or mirrors
  • Tiny closets and narrow hallways
  • Pets and people

You obviously wouldn’t want to hand over the transaction to someone without an idea about what appeals to buyers!


If a buyer finds your home pictures reasonably good, he’ll want to know something more. You surely want the description to be honest and compelling with the best things nicely highlighted.

You wouldn’t want:

  • Typos and grammatical errors
  • All text in upper case
  • Standard, dry copy
  • Unreasonable exaggerations

If you’re turned off by descriptions in a realtor’s past listings, it’s likely to happen with your buyers too!

Other Details

Even when the photos are great and descriptions are compelling, buyers want more details. Attention to finer points and accuracy can make all the difference in the world. Buyers must feel that they really want to see your house.

Details that must not be missed out include:

  • Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Total area of the house and lot in square footage
  • Information about the local school and school district
  • HOA information

The Bottom Line

Generally speaking, it’s not really possible for every realtor to be above average – most of the available ones fall quite short! Each realtor you speak to is going to go overboard in explaining his fabulous plans to sell your home.

Do spend some time looking at their previous work. Insist on seeing an MLS portfolio. The home is yours and you have every right to do so.

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