When You Are Ready To Sell – Tips to Sell Your House

A home is among the most important purchases that you will ever make. Apart from being an important financial decision, it is also an emotional one. It is said that if the buyer feels emotionally attached to a house, they can pay more for it. As a seller, your job is to encourage that build-up of positive emotions. There are several ways to do this. Here we will talk about ten most impressive ways to sell your house:

(1) Pretend the house belongs to the buyer. Do not press the buyer to take a decision- give them time to think. Let them see your house as their own so that they can get the feeling of living in it. Do small things for them – like leaving them a note thanking them for coming to visit your house.

(2) You wouldn’t want a home buyer to visit you on a sultry day and find out that it’s unbearably hot inside. If it is hot outside, turn on the air conditioner. If it is cold, turn on the heat. You can forget about the utility bill for a couple of hours. Let the buyer feel cozy and comfortable inside.

(3) Do not use fresheners. Some people are allergic to certain scents. Open the windows if feasible. You can impress your buyer if you can successfully create the right kind of mood. Try to know a little about the buyer beforehand. You can also put seasonal photographs on display. They will leave a good impression on the buyer.

(4)  Light up the house. Light every bulb in the house, including those in closets and the basement. The lights will brighten up your house.

(5) Do not turn on the television. The buyer is there to inspect your home. He has no interest in your favorite TV show. In fact, TV may distract you from focusing on the buyer.

(6) Little things like leaving the doors ajar and draping chair arms with silk fabric can go a long way in building an emotional relationship between the buyer and your house.

(7) The buyer is not going to stay in your house for the whole day. Your job is to let them know as much as possible about your house. One way to do this is to place printed cards on items that you think your buyer may overlook. Put a card detailing the age of an antique chandelier. There is a little home selling trick in this business. Place “Not a part of the sale.” card on one or two things (do not overdo it!). The card will make the buyer want those items. You can use this to your advantage during the price negotiation process.

(8) Offer them food. You do not have to throw them a lavish lunch. Offer them something light – cookies, soft drinks, sandwiches, or light desserts. Provide them with plates and other eating utensils. Placing a waste receptacle nearby is also a good idea.

(9) Buyers are not fools. Do not treat them as such. Do not overprice your house. They can use an online report tool to measure the true value of your property. There are many online reports available, but the best one that we have found (and, bonus, it’s free!) is right here.

(10) Do not lie. In many states there is a provision in the contract which allows the buyer to cancel the contract if your house fails meeting certain criteria following a house inspection.

Ten simple tips- if you follow them properly, your house will be sold in no time and at a good price. Make sure you make it look presentable and peaceful.

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