What to Do When Your Apartment Lease is Up

Is your apartment lease up and you’ve decided not to stay? There are some steps that you should take to ensure that it’s a smooth transition for you and your landlord. Some renters decide to sign a new -lease and have a month-to-month agreement. While the rent can be more expensive this way, it buys you more time if don’t have another place lined up. If you don’t want to sign a month-to-month lease, you need to take the necessary steps to leave in a timely fashion.

Chances are good that you paid a security deposit for your apartment, and you’d like it back after you move out. Ending the lease and leaving amicably is your best bet for getting your security deposit back. By taking the following steps, you can ensure that your exit will be smooth sailing for all involved.

Give notice. Perhaps you made up your mind to move months ago, but your landlord won’t know unless you tell them. Be sure to check your lease to find out what the appropriate notice is for leaving. Most apartments require at least 30 days notice. It’s a good idea to give your notice in writing and make copies.

Make a list of damages. This list should contain any damages in your apartment that are present, and you should compile this shortly before you move. Have your landlord sign in agreement. This way, they can’t claim additional damages later on after you move out.

Clean the place. Properly clean the apartment so that it looks presentable to new prospective renters. You want to leave the place clean so that the landlord has to do as little as possible to rent it again.

Do a walk-through. Walk through the apartment with your landlord. Be sure they look at every room, and you might want to record the walk-through. Take pictures if you need to.

Return the keys. Personally return the keys to the rental office. Don’t simply drop put in an envelope and into the drop box of the apartment complex.

Leave a forwarding address. Your landlord can’t return your security deposit in a timely manner if you don’t leave them a correct forwarding address to your new residence.

Wait for your security deposit. Different states have different time frames in which landlords are required to return your security deposit. In some states it’s 30 days, while in others you have 60 days.

Ideally, you want to leave the apartment in the same condition as it was when you moved in. It’s a good idea to take pictures before as well as after you move in so that there aren’t any discrepancies about the condition of the apartment. It should be noted that there are many landlords that attempt to keep your security deposit no matter what. This is why it’s important to take dated pictures and get a walk-through of the premises right before you leave so that you have proof of the apartment’s condition.

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