Things to Consider Before Buying a Countryside Home

Who doesn’t get enchanted by the countryside? These beautiful surrounds are the ideal retreats for people trying to escape from the monotony of their life in the city.

However, before buying a countryside home, here are a few things to consider:

Are you really longing for a change? Are you quite dissatisfied with your life in the city? Sameness can make life boring; and in such situations it is quite natural for us to feel the need for a change. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are ready to leave the city forever. In most cases, we just need a short break.

Before moving out for good, ask yourself if that move will solve your problems in the long term. A change for change’s sake is unlikely to help your case.

Here are a few things to consider before leaping to that “greener” field and buying that countryside house:

Access to medical care

People living in the countryside do not have fast access to hospitals or doctors. Are you willing to deal with that situation? You might be healthy at the moment, but if something happens to you or your family, do you think you will receive emergency medical care in time?


So, you are unhappy about the rampant commercialism in the city and that is probably one reason you want to move to the countryside. But no matter where you live, you will still want easy access to retail stores. This may not be readily available in the countryside. The local general stores in the countryside are unlikely to have convenient hours. And the nearest shopping mall may be miles away.


What about entertainment? Are you a food junkie? Do you go to the movies often? You are unlikely to find great restaurants or movie theaters in the countryside. So you will probably have to wait until you take a trip to the city.

Public transport

People living in the city take public transport for granted. However, your chances of finding these great services outside the limits of the city are pretty limited. Even if you have a reliable bus or train service from your location to your office; after a while, these long and early trips will start taking their toll on you.


Finding employment outside the city is not easy. Even if you find a job, you are unlikely to get paid well. If you make the move before considering this factor, you will be in for a rude shock. Of course, this may not be a problem if you are running an internet based business. In this case, location truly doesn’t matter. However, you might still have to make an occasional trip to meet clients. Are you ready for that?

Cost of living

So you thought the cost of living in the country is cheaper. However, this is not always true. In fact, food and fuel can be more expensive here. You may also lack easy access to convenient stores at friendly hours.


You might take a long while to get friendly with local people. The place may also have a different culture that could take a lot of getting used to.

While in some cases, relocating has the potential to change your life for the better, if you make that move before considering all important aspects, you will probably have to pay a hefty fee. What’s more, in many cases, moving back to the city is not possible. So, before buying a countryside home, do your homework and you will enjoy a blissful change of lifestyle.

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