Why Real Estate Agents Should Focus on Baby Boomers

Want to focus on a particular niche for your real estate business? Consider the baby boomer generation! Why, you ask? Well, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea for agents to spend time and money marketing to baby boomers. Their generation accounts for about fifty percent of discretionary spending, not to mention that […]

Why Your Big Data Reporting Needs to be Actionable

Big data is still a relatively less understood concept. It is true that almost everybody has heard about it. Several builders and brokers have also started working on it. Nonetheless, it may take years before big data becomes a mainstream concept, at least in the real estate industry. Most real estate companies do not have […]

How to Make Big Data Work for You

Many real estate companies still don’t have a big data strategy, but that is not surprising. This is an emerging technology and as such there is a great deal of uncertainty about the outcome. Builders are yet to warm up to big data mainly because they don’t understand how data will benefit them. Needless to […]