5 reasons why homeowners are tapping into their home equity

Rising home values and interest rates have more homeowners turning to home equity products to meet their personal funding needs. At the beginning of 2018, most borrowers interest in home equity was dinged by the confusion over whether tax reform would totally or partially remove the interest deductibility. Since the IRS clarified what is deductible, […]

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

When you decide to buy a home for the first time, it’s so exciting that you want to jump online and start looking at listings right away. But you have to remember to remain realistic during these first phases of home buying. Not only do you have to consider what you want in a home, […]

New Qualified Mortgage Rules

The federal government has implemented the new Qualified Mortgage (QM) rules. The implementation of these rules poses many challenges for lenders as they now have to tighten their underwriting norms. On the other hand, borrowers may hardly notice any difference. However, borrowers at the lower and the higher ends of the spectrum may find it […]

Government Guaranteed Loans

Government guaranteed loans help lenders enhance their credit. When the loan is guaranteed by a government agency, you can extend the credit knowing very well that it will not lose its money. It is true that government loan programs offer substantial benefits to lenders; however, they also come with rigorous application processes. Federal agencies often […]

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Refinance

Now that interest rates are at their historical lows, many homeowners are exploring the possibility of getting a refinance. By refinancing your existing mortgage, you can enjoy today’s low interest rates. It is true that current mortgage rates are pretty low; still getting a refinance is tougher than you think. Thanks to the refinance boom, […]

Creative Solutions to Help Close a Real Estate Deal

Often buyers and sellers come very close but something prevents them from signing the deal. They may make numerous offers and counter offers and still they may not able to agree on a price. The buyer may want the seller to reduce the price by a few thousand dollars. Sometimes there is another issue that […]

Thinking about Refinancing? Here are Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea

Like many homeowners, you probably want a lower interest rate and a shorter mortgage. If you are considering refinancing your mortgage, it can take a lot of effort and time to begin the process. While there are some not-so-pleasing aspects of refinancing, it can be a good financial move if your mortgage payment is lowered. […]