What Measures are Required to Encourage Private Insurers to Provide Flood Insurance?

Private insurers want to provide flood insurance. However, neither the political administration in the US nor the consumers seem to be interested in full-cost based insurance plans. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has run up a debt of $24 billion. This has forced taxpayers to demand the elimination of subsidized premium rates and active […]

How to Handle Disaster Insurance Claims Correctly

When you speak about disaster insurance claims, “Be prepared” is the motto that explains the concept best. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornadoes happen without warning and cause huge devastation. To file a disaster insurance claim for your home successfully, you need to get prepared much before the catastrophe actually happens. This will allow you to […]

When Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Protect You

Many homeowners insurance policies come with hidden, hard-to-understand clauses. The consumer may not even realize their existence until a claim arises. However, by staying informed and keeping all relevant records you will be able to protect your interests in most cases. A homeowners insurance policy will help pay for damages caused by hurricanes or fires. […]