How to Increase Data Center Efficiency

(via Lead XL) Data centers are designed for performance, reliability and capacity, and most of the time it is at the expense of efficiency. Most data centers end up wasting a substantial amount of energy which unnecessarily increases the operation costs. If this situation is not checked, finite resources can end up being exhausted, leading […]

How Cold Interior Walls Can Increase Heating Costs

Homeowners like you are exploring all possible ways to improve their homes so that they consume less energy. Move over Energy Star Appliances! There are many more ways to save energy. Did you know that you can reduce the heating and cooling costs of a home by properly closing all openings in the walls and […]

Why Heat Pumps are Better than Furnaces in Energy Efficient Homes

Furnaces should have no place in energy efficient homes. Here is why ā€“ when you add enough insulation to the building and tighten up the envelope, your heating load falls faster than the cooling load. This does make sense because the temperature difference between the outside and the inside is much higher. The infiltration rates […]

The 2012 Energy Code and Its Impact on Builders

The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code has been adopted by several states. The new version of the energy code requires more insulation, better windows, tighter ducts and more efficient lighting. Each revision of the code tends to increase the energy performance requirements. The new version isn’t different either. Builders and remodelers need to keep an […]

Switching to LED Bulbs

LEDs are energy-efficient. In fact, they consume even less power than CFLs. However, they are not exactly cheap. Most people are aware of the energy saving benefits of LEDs, but price is the biggest deterrent for them. It is true that LEDs are expensive. There are, nonetheless, ways to make them more affordable. Here are […]

Remodeling Tips for an Energy-Efficient Home

Thinking about remodeling? Why don’t you incorporate ways to reduce your utility bills? Remodeling is a great opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency and air quality. By adding some cost effective upgrades to your home remodeling plan, you can make the most of the renovations. You can, for example, stop leaks and fight mold […]