5 Keys to Get the Best Deal in a Real Estate Transaction

Both sellers and buyers want to get the best deal in a real estate transaction. That is quite reasonable, but success can’t be yours if you do not take the right steps. All real estate transactions are unique. Sometimes the buyer wins; sometimes the seller wins. In some cases, the interests of both parties are […]

8 Tips for Finding That Perfect Home

If finding the best home is your goal, you need a solid strategy. House hunting isn’t much different than other shopping expeditions. If you know exactly what you need, you will have no trouble finding that dream house at a reasonable price. Here are eight tips to guide you through the process of buying a […]

5 Reasons Why Getting a Mortgage Will be Harder in 2014

Do you recall the housing market crisis that occurred a few years ago? During this meltdown there was a huge bailout for large lending institutions that was funded by taxpayers. Some financial institutions were underwriting loans, and then selling them to lenders. These institutions were receiving a good amount of money in fees for these […]