Big Data Adoption: Opportunities & Challenges

Though there is widespread acknowledgment about the many advantages associated with big data, some skewed and somewhat volatile trends have surfaced. Many real estate organizations are trying to “sample” big data. Some firms hire a data solutions provider for a few months. The pilot big data project is run for about 2 to 3 months. […]

Why Big Data Will Prevail Among Real Estate Businesses

Every business sphere, from healthcare to human resources management, is increasingly becoming data-conscious. There are some skeptics who aren’t sure about big data becoming a standard among real estate businesses. It is worth noting that data-driven business practices are emerging across the national economy. The realization is common—Companies acknowledge that smarter data handling capability is […]

How Big Data Creates Value for Businesses and Consumers

It would be wrong to state that big data creates value for businesses only. Yes, this is the common perception, but customers have nearly as much to benefit from a data driven marketplace as real estate businesses. Understand this with an Example An example that beautifully mirrors the benefits of big data adoption across the […]