How Cold Interior Walls Can Increase Heating Costs

Homeowners like you are exploring all possible ways to improve their homes so that they consume less energy. Move over Energy Star Appliances! There are many more ways to save energy. Did you know that you can reduce the heating and cooling costs of a home by properly closing all openings in the walls and […]

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

December brings with it a lot of tasks that you need to complete to keep your home comfortable and secure. It is also the right time to prepare your home improvement plans for the coming year. The first big snowfall of the season usually hits in December. This annual ritual also gives you an opportunity […]

How to Seal Air Leaks Around the House: Smart Idea for a Smart Homeowner

Every year, an average family wastes about $350 on air vents in the walls and windows. Interestingly, for roughly the same amount you can fix many of these leaks on your own. By plugging the cracks, you not only conserve energy but also increase your comfort level. Start from the attic. That space in the […]

Donā€™t Forget Attics during Home Inspections

When I began house hunting, inspecting attics was the last thing on my mind. Someone once told me about the problems they faced due to overlooking the attic. Then this realization dawned upon me that there are many good reasons for buyers to visit the attic or get an expert to look at it before […]