10 Ways for Small Businesses to Generate Leads

Anyone running a small insurance or real estate business is most certainly looking for ways to generate leads. There are more old-fashioned approaches such as newspaper advertisements, and then there are newer tactics such as social media. To get the best results and generate as many leads as possible, it is best not to overlook […]

Can’t Decide How to Spend on SEO for Your Business? We Can Help

SEO is a service based industry and it’s difficult to arrive at specific “guidelines” regarding what the cost of SEO should be. Many factors affect it – the competitive landscape, market demand, and what suits an individual business. Like any business, different factors are involved. The cost structure of a home based single-person organization which […]

CPM Advertising Rates of Popular Blogs

One blog may charge you $500 while another one of the same niche may charge $5,000 for an identical volume of traffic. Why do advertising costs vary so much across blogs? The reason one site is selling their traffic for $500 i.e. $.50 CPM is because they have minimal or no branding. The other site […]

Guidelines to Advertising on Social Media

As a small business owner, you may not find it easy to navigate the somewhat complex structure of the social media advertising arena. It doesn’t make sense to hop on to the social media bandwagon because you’ve heard about other small businesses radically enlarging themselves through this platform. This is not enough, the magic happens […]

Google Encrypted Search’s Effect on Your Online Business

A lot of changes have been happening in Google lately. Here’s some information regarding Google Encrypted Search and its effect on your online business. Google Encrypted Search explained Google introduced Encrypted Search in 2010 to keep information about their users (such as Chrome and Gmail users) who were logged in securely. This security has now been […]