Small Business SEO Tips | 5+ Top Tips For Organic Growth

The best search engine optimization practices are never static. This means that in order to attract quality traffic to your website consistently, you have to implement the right SEO strategies.

small business seoHere are small business SEO tips that can help you take your business to the next level:

Optimize your site for mobile devices. In 2015, Google implemented RankBrain which caused a serious drop in ranking to business sites that don’t show on mobile devices. This means that if you are to appear top when search engine search is done, you have to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Google wants your customers who use small screens to access content to have a wonderful user experience, so your content must display quite well on hand held devices. It’s also important to know that there are more mobile queries now than never before.

Post relevant and highly helpful content. The search engine community was set abuzz way back in 2015 thanks to the Google’s RankBrain. This important tool employs artificial intelligence to match content that’s deemed more relevant. Because of this, marketers are forced to ensure that the content that they post on their sites is not only relevant, but are quite helpful to the users. If you are already producing great content, you will certainly go down well with RankBrain and other updates that may be released in the near future.

Match content to keywords. The content that small businesses publish should have a high level of relevance to their chosen keywords. The most vital thing is to make sure that you provide people with quality content for the keywords which they are searching. It will cost you your top rankings when you post content that aren’t related to the keywords that you have chosen.

Go for local search engine optimization. Local SEO improves your business ranking when a local search is done. However, there are many important things that local SEO involves: having an address, a consistent name and telephone number which you will share across various platforms.

Be consistent with blogging. Blogging ensures that the number of indexed page sin your website increases, therefore boosting the probability of someone stumbling on your website and becoming a lead. While it takes some time to create high quality leads, the benefit that small businesses derive from this is immense. Another awesome benefit is that once a blog is created, it stays online for many years, helping to attract customers forever.

Adopt ethical link building practices. The best links to a small business website result from good marketing practices for many years. By creating great content and adopting ethical practices, links will just come naturally. Get influential bloggers, the public and media to talk about you and you will get fantastic links naturally.


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