Marketing Ideas for Insurance Professionals

Marketing an insurance company can be one of the toughest things to do. For most customers, buying insurance involves trusting a company with your property, family or even your life. Since a lot is at stake, many people are very cautious of the insurance company that they choose.

insuranceIn order to attract customers to your insurance business, you must think of ideas that will win their trust and confidence. Check out the following marketing ideas for insurance companies:

Know your potential client base First and foremost, you must identify your potential clients. This may be based on age, profession or the specific needs of the customers. After identifying your client, you need to discover where you can find them in larger groups. A good idea could be hosting a free seminar for the potential customers to build trust and try to convince them to employ your services.

Utilize social media

Facebook currently has 1.6 billion users worldwide while Twitter has 318 million users. These numbers show the great platform provided by social media for marketing and advertising an insurance company. The correct social media marketing strategy can bring in a large lot of leads.

The first step is to create a professional Facebook, twitter or any social media account which customers can rely on for information and updates. You should post daily and constantly get in touch with potential customers. This ensures that you build client trust and confidence in the services that you offer. Through social media, you can also address any queries that the customers might have.

Get your clientsā€™ input

You should try to involve your clients by asking for their suggestions. This shows them that you are concerned about what they think and that you would like to improve your services further. Moreover, you can incorporate reviews and testimonials. People find that the experience of others means a great deal, and they will be easily convinced to employ your services if they see other people happy with the products that you have provided. In addition to that, you can come up with a process to follow up on prospective customers to ensure that you keep in touch with them until they employ your services.

Create an informative and compelling website

You can market this website through email newsletters, brochures and business cards. Make sure that the content you post is interesting, engaging and educative to attract more people. Your website should be a true reflection of the services you offer and must cover each service in detail. Potential customers may want to know virtually everything about your services. Shallow content may disillusion them and may be an indication that you do not know your products inside out.

Stand out from other insurance companies

Make your company stand out from your competition. Start by writing down what makes you different from the other insurance companies. Are your services cheaper? Are you more reliable? Are you easily available?

You can do things which your customers might not expect. Give them an excellent customer service where they can get help fast and at any time. Send handwritten thank you notes to your customers. Give your clients coffee when they visit your office. These might seem like little things, but they go a long way in building confidence in your customers.


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