Facebook can play a major role in your business’s marketing strategies. We’ve listed some tips which will help you get maximum business gains from Facebook in terms of more traffic and greater exposure.

Use appropriate sized images

If your website has content that you want displayed in the Facebook newsfeed, you need to size the images appropriately. This will result is more click-throughs and better exposure for your website. Facebook scans through all your website images and displays the one having the largest dimensions. The image aspect ratio 1.91:1 is a critical factor. This works out to around 1200 pixels width and 627 pixels depth. The optimal size is 400 pixels width and 209 pixels depth. Ensure that at least one image is larger than the others with the correct aspect ratio.

Use Open Graph Tags

Facebook’s own language Open Graph allows you to communicate certain types of attributes to Facebook. These include the default image on a page, where text should be got from and the description. This helps the news feed display your content more appropriately.

If you’re using WordPress, you can easily implement Open Graph using the WP Open Graph plugin. It allows macro-level data setting on a post-wise basis. This is a great way of controlling what is displayed when your articles are shared on Facebook.

Using Facebook’s Debugger, you can keep all shared content current and updated. This tool prevents Facebook from showing information that’s lost its relevancy.

Include a Share button

When you include a Facebook Share button on your website, ensure you use Facebook code or code from the Facebook WordPress plugin. There are various Share buttons you can choose from.

Some people like to place the Share button at the top of blog posts. This shows users the people who have shared the article and invites them to have a look too. Others like to place the button at the end of posts.

Using a plugin like Digg Digg will allow you to have Share buttons that float down along the side of an article while scrolling.

Deploy Google Analytics

Though you may have already installed Google Analytics, you might not know that you can use it to analyze traffic coming from Facebook.

Log in to Google Analytics and click on Acquisition. When you click on the Social category below Acquisition, you can see all traffic coming in from different social channels. To see the URLs that a social network (for example Facebook) drives maximum traffic to, click on it. You can narrow the results down to a specific time period or day.

Knowing the traffic source for sales pages can help with comparative analysis in a big way.

Use Like boxes to grow your fan base

If your website has a large volume of traffic, putting up Facebook Like boxes for pages is important. If people are already logged in to Facebook when they visit your site, they can see friends who are fans of your pages. To become fans, they can simply click the required button without moving away from your website. In this way you can get a good following for your pages with your website traffic.

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