Announces the LiveConnect Transfer Platform Offering Real-Time Collateral Verified Hot Transfers To Lenders

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 — Newport Beach, CA’s LiveConnect transfer platform is the first of its kind to offer collateral verified live hot transfers for lenders, resulting in loan funding rates upwards of 25%. announced the LiveConnect Transfer Platform, combining world class property and lien data assets with telemarketing that target qualified and engaged consumers, resulting in funding rates upwards of 25%.

“The LiveConnect platform identifies the perfect candidate for a loan by validating, scrubbing and analyzing the consumer’s home in less than a second to ensure that there is perfect match between the borrower and the lender,” explained Drew Warmington, Managing Partner & CEO of  “We take Internet leads and use our world-class property and lien data assets to perform a full screen on their property—their title, equity, when they last got a loan, neighborhood values, etc.”

Mr. Warmington continued, “We take these qualified and interested leads, load them into our dialer, and our customer service representatives use scripts specifically catered to that particular data to communicate with the client.”  Warmington added, “Our CSR’s are able to instantly establish credibility based on knowledge about the consumers situation in order to build rapport, confirm interest and initiate the transfer.”

“Utilizing the LiveConnect platform results in a significant increase in funding rate. We have a client who typically closed at a 2 to 4% rate before implementing the LiveConnect platform. Now, they have a 25% funding rate. They were able to beat their largest competitor at a triple rate with our platform,” explained Mr. Warmington.

“Other live hot transfer platforms can be very mechanical, but LiveConnect uses data points in scripts so the customer service representative can communicate with the client and establish a personalized relationship. This results in leads that are highly qualified and genuinely interested,” remarked Mr. Warmington.

“With superb data assets and world-class telemarketing, LiveConnect offers an ideal recipe for a great funding rate so that our lender clients can be successful,” finished Mr. Warmington.

About was founded in 1996 as an internet-only lead generation company. has served over 51,000 clients since inception in the mortgage, insurance, real estate and financial services industries. products include customer acquisition solutions, lead analytics, and custom data services.

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