How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent | Top Tips

How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

Most people rely on a real estate agent when they want to sell their house, but it is possible to get a buyer on your own. It may take a little more effort but you will end up saving the commission you would have paid to the agent. Here are a few tips to help you make the sale:

Do your research

The first step towards a successful house sale is to know about real estate operations. Master the language used during the transactions by reading through your homeā€™s contracts and other documentation. You need to have all the paperwork required to make a sale including legal documents, disclosures, and insurance documents.

You also need to identify professionals who will help you with the sale process such as appraisers and estate attorneys. A title company may also be necessary in some situations.

It is also important to determine how you will structure the sale. Do you intend to offer any incentives to attract buyers such as lease-to-own or owner financing. Learn how each incentive option works to determine how it will apply in your situation.

Ā Organize your house

Once you have completed your research, you need to organize your house and make sure it is ready for a sale. Fix any functional problems in your house. Paint the entire house in bright colors, refinish floors, and replace your carpeting. Identify any items that need to be repaired or replaced such as heating, roof, appliances, and air conditioning.

It is also essential to get rid of clutter and stage the house. Your objective should be to make the house appear spacious and dazzling. There are certain things you may be unable to change such as the location and neighbors and this have to be factored in the price.

Set your price

Most homeowners set a very high price, putting off potential buyers. Check home prices in the neighborhood and come up with something reasonable. You can also use an appraiser to help you set an appropriate price.

Advertise, advertise

Advertise the house on several online listings. It is advisable to use sites that feature sales by owners. The sites you select should get a lot of traffic. You can also rely on social networking sites and print media to advertise.

Negotiate the offers

Get ready for offers and counteroffers. A real estate attorney can help you negotiate if you find it difficult.

Make the sale

Organize all the closing paperwork and have it ready for a sale including documents required by federal and state laws. There may be some delays in the sale process even when you get a good offer.

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