How Brokers Can Leverage Their Brand and Increase Commissions

brokersBrokers who want to leverage their brand and increase their commissions must use effective practices and strategies. Every brokerage may be different, but there are common practices that can work for all of them. By trying something different, brokers can reach levels of practice that will allow them to stand out from the rest of the market. When brokers optimize their practices, they can maximize their potential for building brand exposure and attract the best agents.

When it comes to branding, a highly engaged broker knows that most buyers and sellers look on the Internet first. Listings and branding should already be online and ready to go when the search is performed, as this will help the broker to get credibility and name recognition. The result of this practice is obtaining a large and engaging online audience.

Another practice that is great for attracting new agents is proper lead generation. Both quantity and quality are important for successful lead generation. If leads are properly managed, an optimal response time can be obtained. Leads with the fastest response time have the best odds of becoming qualified and ultimately closed. It makes sense to gather leads in one place, to manage them and to optimize the response. This practice can be good for gaining a better investment control. According to surveys, consumers appreciate responsiveness and knowledge the most. Clients also like a more personal approach.

Clients can now rapidly find exactly the information that they want because of the newest available tools for communication. Studies have shown that good communication through preferred methods and timely market information are the most appreciated features by clients. This means that at least email, phone and text messages should always be available. Some brokers use custom relationship management tools for switching through different types of communication with a simple mouse click.

Efficient agents can have entire lists of former clients that they can contact whenever they want. It is important to establish and cultivate strong relationships with as many clients as possible. The majority of agents can hardly resist to hundreds of clients, because the name of each client from the list involves the use of action items lists. The brokers who have agents effective in this can obviously stand out. By using platforms that can make this job easier, brokers can reach their goals.

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