How Big Data is Changing the World

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Is it possible for big data to become even bigger? Yes, because it will become bigger as we get into the future of the current digital world. big data refers to the ability to collect and interrogate vast amounts of data that are generated by many life aspects. Currently, many aspects of life can be converted and stored in a database. This datafication process of most aspects of life is what has given rise to big data. There is a huge explosion in the manner in which data is being collected and applied to real life.

Despite big data being one of the major buzz words in the technology world, some people still don’t understand what it exactly refers to. Take a simple example: Facebook. You can update statuses, “like” things, comment, make friendships, etc. Where do you think all these actions are kept so that you can see them next time you log in? In simple terms, the actions are all converted into data and stored, i.e. datafied. And this is only the beginning of the datafication that site visits enable.

How big data is changing the world

There are advancements to the way data is being captured and analyzed. The following are some of the ways in which big data is changing the world.

Medicine: big data has enhanced the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of complex ailments such as the heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They have gone further to preventing brain injuries and enhance patient care. This is all through complex analysis of medical data.

Security: This shouldn’t be a question because the simple applications we use like ATM are powered by big data. Not to mention military and intelligence services, and security companies are securing the world around us by the help of receiving and analyzing data. CCTV cameras and GPS systems are watching our moves. Applications can recognize faces, speech patterns, etc. and use this data for security purposes.

Urban planning: Urban planning authorities are utilizing data discovery techniques to plan on a number of ways they can make changes in cities. They also analyze the impact of those changes. The issues of concern may include crime, traffic, energy usage, employment, and more. This data is also used by builders to determine areas that are fruitful for developments.

Saving the planet: Currently, there are engines like Google Earth Engine that provide a massive cloud of data sets about the earth. These sets of data help specialists in analyzing the earth’s ecosystem, environmental concerns, and weather patterns. Specialists then provide solutions and implementations that are meant to model the future of the planet.

Consumer products: Consumer and shopping behaviors are observed and converted into digital data. This has been enhanced more by the rise of online shopping. Production can be based on the specific trends as observed when the data is processed. New products are being produced based on this data.

The list above is endless.

Big data’s future is even bigger

The power of big data has been observed over a couple of years. Some of big data’s implications are clearly seen. For instance, there are thousands of devices and sensors collecting and sending data to databases. Some hype indicates that if we continue with the pace of big data, the world will be surrounded by sensors and devices that give answers to every problem we encounter. The world will have the ability to perceive us as well as perceive what’s going on around us. We’ve seen this happen to some extent, and we are just in the very early stages of the big data explosion.

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