Freshen up Your Home with These Organization Apps

Freshen up Your Home with These Organization AppsMost of us have many little projects all over our houses awaiting attention. There are things needing fixing, cleaning and moving. Other stuff needs to be sold, put away in boxes or tossed out. We’ve listed some useful apps that have a focus on home improvements, designing, decorating and beyond:

Deco (Price: Free)

This app allows you to browse through the images of gorgeous hotels and celebrity homes across the globe as well as properties advertised on the Idealista website. These choice selections from the Idealista team provide you with great décor and design ideas.

You can have a look at photo galleries covering areas and rooms you’re most interested in— whether it’s the kitchen, living room, dining room, courtyard, garden, terrace, or anything else. You can collect great inspirational ideas for immediate use or store them for future reference.

There are various options that allow you to view full screen images, save them to devices, and share them with others through email, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s so much of eye candy to take in; get ready to spend a considerable amount of time with this.

Home Inventory (Price: $19.99)

Using this app, you can create a comprehensive inventory of all items within your house. Storing all types of relevant data such as serial numbers and model numbers is a breeze. This app can also be used for saving receipts and any other information you may need regarding a specific item. If you’re making an insurance claim, this tool is simply awesome to have. Even otherwise, it’s a great way to know exactly what’s in your home. 

BrightNest (Price: Free)

This web based tool is free to use and helps you optimize your home so that it’s cleaner, safer, and more affordable. It periodically reminds you about doing routine and other tasks like cleaning out your fridge and testing fire extinguishers.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas (Price: Free)

According to Houzz, it has the biggest database of home décor and design ideas on the Internet. There are over 1 million high-quality images under various categories like room, location and style. You can save anything that interests you into a virtual “Ideabook”. This is fully searchable, and all the ideas can conveniently be shared even while you’re on the move.

One of the best parts of this app is that you become a member of a huge community when you take part in a design discussion. Using this app, you can browse through products put together by Houzz’s editorial team, as well as quality content from top designers, contractors, architects and other experts from the industry.

Remodelista (Price: $2.99)

If you are a regular visitor, you’re probably familiar with this app. If you don’t already adore the app, you will soon. This app serves a daily offering of home design and decor content right out of the website. This includes fabulous architecture, inspirational products and stylish and fun how-to’s.

To help you stay organized, the app allows you to save ideas or products to your Design Files. Say, you’re looking to redesign your front entryway. You can create bookmarks for tiles, artwork, paint colors, or anything else you think useful.

The Home Loan Advisor is a tool that was built to provide homeowners with insight into opportunities available in the current market, without having to shuffle through all of the clutter on the Internet. Not only does the Home Loan Advisor analyze your property, current market conditions, local market comps, and other variables in our proprietary algorithm, but we match you with potential lenders who have products that may help you and provide you with a sense of stability.

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